OpSec Group Announces the Acquisition of Global Trim

Bringing together strengths in design, sourcing, security, and service to create an expanded proposition for trim and brand enhancement   OpSec Group, a global leader in IP management and brand protection solutions, is today announcing that it has completed the acquisition of Global Trim Sales,…

fashion trends for 2020
Fashion Trends for 2020

Puffy Sleeves This dramatic and voluminous sleeve is charming and romantic. As it turns out, blouses with puffy sleeves are trending this year. And the bigger the puff, the better. What’s great about puffy sleeves is that they are an added statement to your outfit….

Vintage Trends
2020 Fashion Forecast: Throwback Trends

Once in a while, when we look at the top fashion trends for the upcoming year or check out the most eye-catching celebrity outfits, we can’t help but be astounded by the huge amount of throwback. One might say that 2020 is the year for…

2020 Spring Summer Fashion Trends
Stay Cool This Spring and Summer: (Red Hot) Hues for 2020

While we may still be loving  boot and sweater weather, it won’t be long until the snow and cold is a distant memory. That’s when our thoughts will turn to spring summer 2020 fashion trends and which pieces we simply must have in our closets…

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

We live in a day and age where sustainability is growing in importance by the day. More and more industries are becoming sustainable-savvy and are investing millions, even billions of dollars in becoming more environmentally-friendly. The fashion industry is no exception. The Sustainability Trend in…

Top Fall Jacket Trends 2019
Top Fall Jacket Trends of 2019

Summer is long gone, and with it, it took away our sleeveless sundresses, strappy sandals, and casual summer skirts we won’t catch a glimpse of again until 2020. Now that fall is here in full splendor, fashionistas everywhere are embracing the unique art of layering….

Winter 2019 Fashion Trends
2019 Winter Fashion Industry Trends

As the nights get longer and the days get shorter, we are aware that winter is not only coming, but that summer has ended. While this could be a reason to be sad, worry not! Fresh new fashion industry trends are here for the winter…

Top Fall Fashion Colors and Trends in 2019

The fall fashion trends 2019 revolve around visceral hues coupled with seasonal shades. According to a report presented by Pantone, the fashion trends in 2019 include powerful colors such as crème de peche, biking red, chili pepper, fruit dove, orange tiger, and galaxy blue–a reflection…

Order Consolidation Best Practices
Best Practices for Order Consolidation in 2019

Consolidating purchase orders is a very important problem that distribution companies have to fix in 2019 and in the near future. Many times, the items sent via UPS or other distribution companies are wrongly packaged in too large boxes, and they arrive at the consumers…

Fall Fashion Trends 2019
Forecasting the Fall Fashion Trends of 2019

The fall fashion forecast 2019 is here, and we are listening to what was said on the runways. There is a call to the 70’s, the 80’s and the 90’s. Some pieces have no era but are timeless staples of fashion. It is time to…

How Brands Are Satisfying the Demand for Personalized Apparel
How Brands are Satisfying the Demand for Personalized Apparel

The business of personalized apparel is booming. Long gone are the days in which consumers of fashion have to bow down to mass-produced standard sizing. There’s been a real turning point in recent years within the apparel manufacturing industry. The personalization and customization of clothing…

Fashion Consumers Push For Sustainability

Fashion is, in general terms, an artistic expression of a particular time and concept, displayed by clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, lifestyle, and body proportions. This expression is always unique, supported by industries and affected by the season and collections. Sustainable fashion, also known as…

Fashion Industry Trends of 2019

2019 will be a year that will reawaken the fashion industry. As opposed to the previous year that was focused on meeting challenges, this year, the fashion industry will welcome opportunities. Fashion companies across the globe will adjust according to changing trends in consumer styling….

Brand Persona
What is a Brand Persona?

What Exactly is a Brand Persona? A brand persona is a collection of personal traits, values, and attitudes that your specific brand showcases on a regular basis with the purpose to connect with a certain type of audience. Basically, the main purpose of a brand…

Brand Persona
Creating a Brand Persona (Everything You Need to Know)

You’re probably aware that 90% of startups fail. You might think- that’s common-maybe the concept of the failed startup wasn’t good enough. Well, that could be one reason. But then, it could be that the failed startup simply failed to build a brand persona. Building a…

Trade Show Season Continues

We’re continuing our trek across the country visiting the industry’s most exciting trade shows. Global Trim is coming off a great week at PPAI, Intermoda, and Imprinted Sportswear. The next couple of weeks will find us at the PGA Show, the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, and the WWIN Show. Check out the details on where we will be stopping next.

Kicking Off Trade Show Season

January is here, and that means trade show season is upon us. We’re excited to be bringing Global Trim to some of the industry’s biggest and best trade shows across the country and around the world. This week alone we can be found at PPAI, Intermoda, and Imprinted Sportswear. We’d love to talk with you in person about what Global Trim has to offer. Check out the details below on where you can find us this week!

Global Trim Website
Welcome to the New and Improved Global Trim Website

We at Global Trim are excited to welcome you to our new and improved website. We’ve created a website that better reflects who we are as a company and an industry leader. It’s our mission to provide the best service and top-quality products to amazing customers all over the world…and have fun doing it. As a result, we’ve incorporated a simple yet modern design that we are proud of.

Company Rebranding

Global Trim is pleased to announce that the company rebranded in August of 2011. With the new tag line, “Building lasting relationships with quality products,” Global Trim will offer a new look with the same great products and services. Global Trim launched new presentation books with the availability of showing customers new products and techniques, along with a brand new website, packaging products, marketing tools, and company documents. While Global Trim’s new logo and colors is modern and will fit perfectly into the ever changing fast paced apparel industry, their goal is to maintain the superior service and quality products that they have provided since the company was first established.

Hong Kong Office Move

Global Trim is pleased to announce the relocation of their Hong Kong office. With their move in July of 2011, into a space that is five times larger than their previous location, Global Trim is excited to offer a new showroom for client meetings, along with both office and warehouse capabilities. The Global Trim Hong Kong staff is thrilled with the relocation, and welcomes their customer’s to come and visit their new facility.

Global Trim in Apparel News

Global Trim ran a feature story in the Apparel News Magazine, August 2011. Apparel News Magazine is the largest magazine in the apparel industry, and is distributed worldwide and to many tradeshows. Global Trim was first featured in this magazine back in 2004, and was very pleased to again be in the August 12, 2011 issue. The article focused on the company’s products and services, and their goals for the apparel industry in the upcoming year.

HR4040 & Compliance Regulations

Over the past couple of years, new laws and regulations have been mandated worldwide within the apparel industry. In an effort to be proactive and to anticipate their customer’s requests, Global Trim began working early on, to be phthalate compliant and to ensure that their…