OpSec Group Announces the Acquisition of Global Trim

OpSec Group Announces the Acquisition of Global Trim

Bringing together strengths in design, sourcing, security, and service to
create an expanded proposition for trim and brand enhancement


OpSec Group, a global leader in IP management and brand protection solutions, is today announcing that it has completed the acquisition of Global Trim Sales, Inc. (“Global Trim”), an innovative provider of premium trim to the fashion and apparel industry based in Orange County, California. This acquisition will extend the OpSec brand enhancement proposition in the consumer goods and sports industries, as well as bring new talent and further world-class brands into OpSec Group.

Since founding Global Trim in 1995, CEO Hersh Cherson has grown the company into a respected and trusted supplier to some of the world’s best loved clothing and accessories brands, across luxury and designer fashion, sports and lifestyle apparel, and licensed goods. The company’s portfolio of premium trim and merchandising components spans labels, hangtags, heat transfers, patches, and packaging. In addition to its creative and sourcing capabilities, the company’s innovative program services allow customers to transfer a greater level of responsibility to Global Trim for developing and managing their trim concepts and delivery.

“This is an excellent business and a team we have followed with interest for some time”, said Dr Selva Selvaratnam, Chief Executive Officer of OpSec Group. “As we aim to help customers build and protect their intangible value in all its many forms, brand enhancement plays an incredibly important role in establishing the character and quality of a brand. Global Trim has demonstrated a track record in crafting components that portray authenticity, as well as the instincts and responsiveness required to work with brands of the highest caliber. I am struck by the way that Hersh has built the reputation of the business and expanded its role. This is a family enterprise that I look forward to welcoming into our team and working together to take enhancement and authentication to the next level.”

With its own presence in trim technologies, OpSec Group already offers components that blend enhancement with security, principally for sports and apparel brands. Significantly, this product line also forms part of wider solutions, which feature the licensing and engagement marketing platform offered by OpSec Group. Global Trim brings a strong portfolio of brands from the fashion industry, where this multifaceted approach is equally relevant. The creativity and agility that the team will bring to OpSec Group will also add fresh impetus and an expanded US presence to this part of the business. David Cherson, VP Sales, and Lori Griffin, VP Operations, will continue to lead day-to-day activities at Global Trim, as well as contribute their vision and experience to the wider growth of this business area.

“Most of my career has been spent in the trim industry, with almost thirty years of that building up Global Trim,” said Hersh Cherson, Chief Executive Officer of Global Trim. “As such, it was important to find a partner that shared a similar passion for brand authenticity and, of course, exceptional customer service. OpSec has a heritage in both and works with some fantastic customers, some of which we share, and they also have a forward looking approach to brand enhancement and protection that Global Trim is well placed to be part of. The team here is looking forward to working with Selva and the OpSec team to develop the next generation of exceptional, innovative trim solutions.”

The focus will be on bringing together the respective strengths of the portfolios and the expertise of the teams. This will include exploring the possibilities that new materials, technologies, and design offer for enhancement, authentication, and consumer engagement, as well as further developing concepts such as program services and finding new ways to elevate customer service.

For more information about OpSec Group and its brand enhancement proposition, please visit: www.opsecgroup.com

About OpSec Group

OpSec Group helps enterprises build and protect the value of their intellectual property, brands, and other intangible assets. We serve many of the world’s leading brand owners, innovators, licensors, and media rights owners, addressing value and vulnerability across both physical and digital domains. At OpSec, we bring together multiple disciplines across intellectual property advisory, product design and engineering, and technology-enabled managed services, operating at a truly global scale.

About Global Trim

Global Trim provides premium trim products and exceptional customer service to renowned brands across fashion, apparel, and accessories. Based in the United States and with presence in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, and Honduras, Global Trim combines creative design, innovative materials, sourcing, and program services to meet the needs of garment manufacturers around the globe. From luxury and designer brands to sports apparel, Global Trim is dedicated to creating high-quality garments.

For more information about Global Trim, please visit: www.globaltrim.com

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